Virunga celebrates the births of 7 baby mountain gorillas in 6 weeks

Virunga’s rangers couldn’t be happier with the way 2018 has begun. The first of seven births happened on January 7th, when Sebutimbiri of the Mapuwa family gave birth to a boy.

Several days later four more babies were born within five days of each other. With January in the books, rangers understandably thought they had seen the last of the excitement for a while. The Bageni family proved them wrong. On February 4th, Mivumbi gave birth to a boy and then on the 12th, Rwubaka, also of the Bageni family, gave birth to a boy.

Yes, much of this is due to good fortune, but it could never have happened without the dedication and sacrifice of Virunga’s rangers. Day in and day out, the rangers sweep the gorilla sector for snares and stay close to the gorilla families to protect them. The Gorilla Doctors also play a pivotal role in keeping the gorillas healthy and thriving.

A decade ago, there were only 720 mountain gorillas left on earth. Since then, the population has grown to just under 1000, with Virunga’s population growing among the fastest. One thousand mountain gorillas is still precious few, but the trend is moving in the right direction. If you would like to take part in making sure Virunga’s mountain gorillas continue their remarkable recovery, please consider making a donation