How Your Donation Can Help

By adopting a gorilla with Virunga National Park, you support Rangers, trackers, and gorilla doctors devoted to the protection of Park’s wild mountain gorilla and eastern lowland gorilla populations. With over a third of the world’s entire population of mountain gorillas calling Virunga their home, our conservation, monitoring, and rehabilitation programs are crucial to the survival and well-being of the subspecies.

Photo credit: Virunga National Park

I am proud to oversee the monitoring activities of a population estimated at over 350 individuals, of which 233 gorillas are habituated to human presence. The gorilla population is growing, and it justifies the relentless work of the teams –eco-guards, trackers, and veterinarians– who daily and for many years, have made it possible to initiate close monitoring of the species, with continuous patrol efforts even amid the most violent events.

Jacques Katutu Head of Gorilla Monitoring
As part of your adoption package, you will receive the following:

Frequent Asked Questions

A. Mountain gorillas are one of the few species that have been downlisted from Critically Endangered to Endangered. Your donation helps ensure the Park can commit to continually adapting conservation strategies and has a team of Park Rangers dedicated to executing them.

A. You will receive a monthly newsletter about wild mountain gorillas' families and individuals, and we will occasionally invite you to ask the Rangers some questions.

A. Your contribution will help Rangers protect mountain gorilla families living in the wild and threatened by conflict.

A. Your donation makes it possible for the Park to commit to ensuring its conservation efforts and to maintain a workforce of Park Rangers devoted to monitoring the mountain gorilla population.

A. Anyone with an interest in the protection of this endangered species.

A. We recommend pledges starting at USD 10 a month, but all contributions do their bit to help wild mountain gorillas.

A. Yes! Adopting a gorilla can be a fitting way to commemorate a loved one or the perfect gift for a wildlife enthusiast.

A. All donations received contribute to the conservation efforts of both the Park's mountain gorilla population and its eastern lowland gorilla population.

A. You can adopt a gorilla by the donation widget in orange above.

A. Please log into your Donorbox account below if you’d like to cancel your adoption. Please reset your password if you’re unaware of it: