Adopt A Gorilla

Your adoption will help care for the orphan gorillas of Senkwekwe as well as the wild mountain gorillas that call Virunga their home.

The Senkwekwe Centre, the only mountain gorilla orphan centre in the world, plays a critical role in rehabilitating and caring for orphan gorillas. Since being abandoned by or taken from their families, each of our three orphan gorillas have been cared for by our team of experts. A unique bond exists between the orphan gorillas, their new troop, and the caretakers, who like all families enjoy spending their time eating, playing.

How your adoption helps the wild mountain gorillas of Virunga

While the sanctuary’s mountain gorillas are assured the protection of their caretakers, Virunga’s team of trackers and park rangers keep a watchful, yet more distant eye on the mountain gorillas living wild in the forests of Virunga. Mountain gorillas are one of the few species that have been downlisted from critically endangered to endangered. Your donation helps fund what will be one of the world’s most successful endangered species programs. It ensures the continued protection of mountain gorillas in the wild, helping to reduce the chance of future gorillas being orphaned through conflict, snares, and disease.

What you will receive

When you adopt a gorilla, you or your gift recipient will receive: monthly updates on your sponsored gorilla, the wild mountain gorillas and life at the Senkwekwe centre, a certificate of adoption, and we will occasionally invite you to “Ask the Caretakers”.

  • Matabishi

    As the Senkwekwe centre’s only adopted male gorilla, Matabishi leads his troop with confidence and courage. The other orphans look to him for his strength and leadership.

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  • Ndeze

    As a mountain gorilla, Ndeze’s natural instinct is to depend on her fellow orphans and human companions. She longs to always be by the side of her affectionate caretakers.

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Frequent Asked Questions

A. Without the support of their mothers, gorilla orphans cannot survive in the wild. The Senkwekwe centre is the only hope for mountain gorillas separated from their families.

A. You will receive a monthly newsletter about the health, development and interactions of your chosen gorilla. We will also keep you up to date on the Senkwekwe troop as a whole, share important news about wild mountain gorillas families and occasionally invite you to ‘ask the caretakers’.

A. The money you pledge helps provide vital care, compassion and companionship for orphan gorillas at the Senkwekwe centre through our team of dedicated caretakers. Your contribution money will also help park Rangers protect mountain gorilla families living in the wild and threatened by conflict.

A. The Senkwekwe centre is the world’s only orphanage specialising in the care of mountain gorillas. By adopting with Virunga, you allow orphan gorillas of the most endangered subspecies to live a fulfilled life while protecting wild infants from suffering the same ordeal of losing their family.

A. Anyone with a credit card or PayPal account can adopt a mountain gorilla.

A. We recommend pledges starting at USD 10 a month, but all contributions do their bit to help orphaned mountain gorillas.

A. Yes! Adopting a gorilla can be a fitting way to commemorate a loved one or the perfect gift for a wildlife enthusiast.