The laws enshrined in the Congolese constitution govern Virunga National Park. Additionally, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Virunga is subject to all international conventions and treaties to which the DRC is a signatory. ACF is governed by the laws and regulations applicable to all public charities registered with the Charity Commission of the United Kingdom. ACF’s finances are audited annually by Price-Waterhouse-Cooper.

Virunga Fund Inc. (VFI) is a non-profit, U.S.-based Section 501(c)(3) charitable and educational organization. The private, independent U.S. accounting firm, Friedman LLP, audits VFI’s finances annually. VFI was awarded the Silver-level GuideStar Exchange Participant, which demonstrates the organization’s commitment to transparency.

Finally, Virunga National Park is committed to integrating the highest standards of Community-Based Natural Resource Management by soliciting and incorporating input from the communities living in and around the park. To this end, Virunga authorities created and support multiple community forums that regularly consult with the local population to determine conservation and investment priorities. The spirit of participatory resource management is at the heart of the Virunga Alliance.