Help rangers who dedicate their lives to protecting Virunga National Park by dedicating a legacy gift at the end of yours.

With your support, our rangers can ensure Virunga’s gorilla troops and rich biodiversity exist for future generations to behold.

Frequent Asked Questions

A. Poverty is a real problem in DRC. What might seem like a small sum of money can go a long way to funding operations in Virunga National Park, like financing the salaries of vital rangers and efforts to lift communities out of poverty.

A. We rely on all kinds of donations, big and small, present and future, and welcome anything you are able to give at any point in time. That said, we realise it may not be possible to donate right away as well as leave a legacy gift. If you have your heart set on bequeathment, why not help out in the short term by fundraising with a fitness challenge, collecting at a special occasion or by helping to set up a corporate partnership.

A. At Virunga, our park rangers devote their lives to ensuring gorilla families thrive into the future, so we get how important knowing that your family will be looked after can be. Once you have taken care of your loved ones, we would be delighted if you would think of Virunga too. A reduction in inheritance tax in the US and UK can be achieved through a charitable donation in your will. Consult your solicitor or attorney for more information on how your family can benefit from a legacy gift.

A. We recommend seeking the assistance of a solicitor or an attorney for will writing/ updating an existing will. If you are worried about the cost of writing a will, there are less expensive will-writing service providers who can help you achieve the same outcome. However, we recommend using an accredited provider to assure confidence.

A. Your legal representative should include the following registered charity name, number, and address in any bequest to Virunga National Park to make sure we receive the money in full. Charity Name - Virunga Foundation Charity Number - 1111806 UK registered address: 48 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1JF

A. If you feel comfortable in doing so, we welcome being informed of your intention to leave a legacy gift. A heads up allows us the chance to offer our appreciation and prepare for the future. All information provided is kept confidential and you have the right to change or withdraw the amount bequeathed at any time.

A. Yes, your gift may be ‘ring-fenced’ to ensure that it is spent on the project or area of conservation that you hold most dear. However, we would like to assure you that Virunga assigns undesignated funds with the utmost diligence, ensuring that money is spent on the projects that need it most. If you wish for your gift to be assigned to a specific purpose, please make sure you express this clearly in your will. For further advice, consult your legal representative.

A. Our monthly newsletter provides information on where charitable donations are spent and the goals they achieve.

Other Ways to Support Virunga