Make A Donation

Underpinning all the conservation and development work we do is the generosity and commitment of our supporters. With your thoughtfulness and dedication, you can bring health and longevity to Virunga National Park, its rangers and the wildlife they risk their lives to protect. Listed below are some of ways in which you can support Virunga. Unrestricted donations will be directed to areas of need.

  • Guardians of Biodiversity

    Help provide medical care and emergency support to Virunga’s Rangers.

    Support Virunga's Rangers

  • Donate Cryptocurrency

    We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.


  • Adopt A Gorilla

    Your adoption will help care for the orphan gorillas of Senkwekwe as well as the wild mountain gorillas that call Virunga their home.


  • Give in Memory

    Giving in memory is a wonderful way to cherish a life that has passed, meanwhile ensuring life in Virunga National Park can thrive.


  • Fallen Rangers Fund

    Support the unseen victims of conflict by ensuring that widows and children are cared for in the wake of their loss.


  • Partner With Us

    By partnering with the Virunga Foundation, you will help protect the park’s biological resources and create an alternative economy for the local community.


  • Donate As You Search

    Help fund Virunga National Park through your internet searches.

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  • Virunga Belgium Fund

    Donations to this account are eligible to benefit from the Belgian Government’s charitable giving tax credit treatment to the extent provided by applicable law.