It’s our great pleasure to offer for sale our first Virunga-branded product: the Virunga water bottle!

100% of the net profits go towards protecting Africa’s oldest and most biologically diverse park.

Through the purchase of a $30 water bottle (plus S&H), we are able to further the park’s commitments through supporting such programs as funding two rangers for a full-day patrol, providing one family of a fallen ranger with two weeks of support, or buying nearly 100 cucumbers for the orphan gorillas!

In Virunga, we strive to make sure everything we do is environmentally sound and socially responsible. We also want the name “Virunga” to be synonymous with quality, value, and beauty. These principles are reflected in everything we do: from our conservation work, to our tourism offerings, and the roads, schools, and hydropower plants we build.

One of the goals of the Virunga Alliance is to invest in businesses that can supply us with quality products. Through the coupling of products from both international manufacturers and products sourced locally in N. Kivu, we can ensure these products meet our high standards of quality and durability.

Show your support for Virunga through the purchase of our very first Virunga product – the Virunga water bottle!

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