We are Virunga National Park, an international team who are passionate about conservation, primarily based right here in the DRC. Dedicated to preserving one of Earth’s most precious natural assets, we care deeply about the planet, its climate, biodiversity and long-term future. We collaborate with diverse partners, from individuals to NGOs, Indigenous communities to corporations,all driven by a shared dedication to safeguard Africa’s oldest national park. Together, we work towards fostering a sustainable green economy in North Kivu.With a people-centric approach, we engage local communities with our vital conservation work, trusting that both function best when supporting one another.

If you’re passionate about wildlife, ecosystem conservation and sustainable development, then a role at Virunga National Park could be for you. We value diversity, believing that conservation and innovation thrives when driven by individuals from varied backgrounds. And we foster a culture of continuous learning through ongoing training, hands-on experience and cross-pollination across the organization, providing a framework for personal and collective growth.

Volunteer positions
Please note, due to the fluctuating security situation in the Park, we are unable to safely offer on-site volunteer positions. However, we are always looking for illustrators and graphic designers to support our merchandise and marketing offerings, the proceeds of which help support our conservation efforts.

Open Positions

Most of our roles require on-site attendance, with employees domiciled in the DRC. We offer the occasional B2B or freelancer role to international applicants.

  • Virunga Energies

    Based in Goma or close to the Park? Apply now for an exciting role at Virunga Energies, supplier of green energy to local communities.

  • Virunga Foundation

    In cooperation with local communities, the below open positions support the building of a sustainable green economy in the Park.

    Program Manager of Wheat Farm Model


  • Virunga Origins

    If you have a passion for artisanal delights or clever marketing, then a role at Virunga Origins could be for you.