Support Virunga National Park with a Donor Advised Fund

What Is A Donor Advised Fund

A donor advised fund allows you to flexibly manage your philanthropic giving to Virunga and other good causes by recommending the frequency and amount of grant payments. Simple to set up and administer, DAFs are rapidly growing in popularity, pooling together charitable cash investments, as well as real estate, stocks and other assets, for the sole purpose of supporting not-for-profits. Investments are also tax-deductible for the donor and exempt from capital gains tax once in the possession of the fund.

How to Recommend A DAF Gift to Virunga National Park

  • Request a grant distribution through your DAF sponsor

  • Reference ‘Virunga Foundation’ or our charity number 1111806. If you are a US or Belgium resident, please refer to the instructions below.

  • Confirm your donation via the form below or by emailing

Log into your DAF account

Charity Registration Information

For UK Residents & the Rest Of the World

The Virunga Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales with the Charity Commission. Charity registration number 1111806.

For US Residents

The Virunga Friends Fund at CAF America allows US residents to make tax-efficient donations to Virunga National Park. Please reference ‘CAF America’ or their charity number EIN: 43-1634280 and allocate your donation to the Virunga Friends Fund. If there is no option to allocate your grant to the Virunga Friends Fund, or detail this in the description, please reach our team at so we can facilitate this for you.

For Belgium Residents

The Virunga Belgium Fund is a non-profit association based in Belgium. Created in 2015, the non-profit organization is registered in the company register (0630.664.997) and its articles of association are published in the Belgian Official Gazette (edition of 23 December 2015 under number 15179096). It is legally independent from the Virunga Foundation. The Virunga Belgium Fund benefits from the approval of the Ministry of Finance which allows a tax reduction to be granted to Belgian donors.

DAF Advantages

Personalize your Fund

You are free to name and structure your donor advised fund in a way that best meets your charitable goals. Friends and family members can be named as authorised individuals to help you manage the fund and there is the option to create a legacy plan that dictates what will happen to your DAF assets beyond your lifetime.

Strategically Invest Your DAF Assets

Once your donor advised fund has been established, you will be able to recommend a management approach from your sponsoring organization’s pre-approved investment strategies. Investment growth is tax-free, providing the opportunity to generate more capital for Virunga and other good causes.


In the US, investments in DAFs are tax-deductible. A tax receipt and benefits are received once an asset or cash has been deposited into the fund and can be used for federal and/or state income purposes. In the UK, qualifying investments can benefit from a 25% boost through Gift Aid. Donors may also be entitled to tax rebates of up to 25%, depending on the tax bracket of an individual. Virunga National Park does not offer specialized, personalized legal or tax advice. Where legal or tax advice is required or appropriate, please seek the assistance of a trained professional.

Please let us know if you've already made a donor-advised donation to Virunga National Park.


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Frequent Asked Questions

A. A DAF is an investment fund set up for the benefit of registered charities and foundations, which can be made up of cash and assets. A charitable donation is a one–off payment to a registered charity or foundation. A DAF donor receives tax documentation from the sponsoring organization of the DAF, while a direct donor receives tax documentation from the charity.

A. You can establish a fund by making an irrevocable asset contribution (normally cash) to a sponsoring organization in the US, or by contacting the Charity Commission in the UK. When compared to setting up a charity or foundation, the process of establishing a DAF is much quicker and more simple.

A. The minimum contribution for setting up a DAF varies depending on the sponsoring organization. Typically, an amount of $5,000 to $10,000 is sufficient in the US. Contact your financial advisor or the charity commission for details on minimum investments for the UK.

A. Yes, a private foundation can elect a DAF as a grant beneficiary.

A. Yes, you can name a single or multiple successors who can assume legal responsibility after you have passed on.