The Mountain Gorillas of Virunga National Park

The world’s entire population of endangered mountain gorillas live only in the Virunga Massif and Bwindi, which spans parts of Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda. Virunga National Park is home to around a third of those gorillas, which reside in the dense forests on the lush slopes of the Virunga volcanoes.

  • Facts

    Discover what observation and conservation efforts have revealed about this treasured, yet endangered great ape.

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  • Conservation

    Learn more about the threats Virunga’s mountain gorillas face and what’s being done to protect them from harm.

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  • Gorilla Orphans

    Senkwekwe is the world’s only centre for orphaned mountain gorillas, helping to deal with one of the most heartbreaking consequences of poaching.

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