World Gorilla Day NFT Auction

This week, for World Gorilla Day (24th September), CyberKongz are auctioning off the custom NFT collectible CyberKong #Matabishi and will donate the funds raised to Virunga National Park.

The rare NFT collectible is a 1/1, named after the Senkwekwe Centre’s only male mountain gorilla who was rescued as an infant in 2013.  The buyer will also be able to claim a random free CyberKongz VX – a 3D avatar for The Sandbox metaverse.

Around one third of the world’s mountain gorillas live in the resource-rich Virunga mountains. Over the past 30 years, thanks to the conservation efforts of Virunga National Park’s Rangers and steady support from the global community, the mountain gorilla population has begun to recover and has moved from the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s critically endangered status to endangered. This has been achieved against a backdrop of civil war, chronic underfunding and health crises such as the Ebola and COVID-19 epidemics.

Funds raised from the auction and donated by CyberKongz will help to protect this magnificent great ape and support the ongoing conservation efforts of Virunga National Park’s Rangers.

The auction will run until the 24th September on Earlier this year, CyberKongz donated 50ETH to the Park through the CyberKongz VX mint. We’re extremely grateful to CyberKongz for their support and efforts to help protect the mountain gorilla population.