Born of a Congolese commitment to the protection of Virunga National Park, the Virunga Alliance aims to foster peace and prosperity through the responsible economic development of natural resources for four million people who live within a day’s walk of the park’s borders.




A minimum of 30% of the park’s revenues is invested in community development projects. These projects are defined by the community and are based on the principle of free and informed consultation with civil society groups.


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Virunga Alliance is the intersection of civil society, private sector and state institutions working together toward sustainable development goals in eastern Congo. Virunga Alliance will deliver large-scale opportunities to tens of thousands of Congolese men and women who are ready to rebuild the region and redefine the country’s future.

We propose a three-phase approach and identify four main sectors for development, including Energy, Tourism, Agro-Industry, Sustainable Fisheries, and Infrastructure.




The Economic Development Plan was conceived in three phases:


The predictions put forth here are based on a combination of experience accumulated during Phase One and independent feasibility studies commissioned by Virunga from reputable independent consulting firms.


Economic Development Phases: Projections through 2020

Sustainable Energy

 River/population centerPowerUsers
Phase 1Butahu/Mutwanga0.4 MW5,000
Phase 2
Volcano/Lubero1.1 MW50,000
Rutshuru/Rutshuru12.6 MW140,000
Phase 3Various sites80 MW840,000

Sustainable Fisheries

 Production (tons/yr)Commercial ValueEmployment (direct | indirect)
Phase 110,000 t37 M USD9,000 | 300
Phase 211,000 t40 M USD6,000 | 4,000
Phase 316,000 t64 M USD3,000 | 10,000
The numbers stated correspond to the last year in each phase. Employment figures are additional to those listed in the previous phase.


 River/population centerPowerJobs created in Agro-Industry
Phase 1Butahu/Mutwanga0.4 MW250
Phase 2Volcano/Lubero1 MW500
Rutshuru/Rutshuru12.6 MW7,600
Phase 3Various sites80 MW60,000


 Visitors per yearRevenue per yearAnnual investment in community programsBeds availableEmployment (estimated direct | indirect)
Phase 13,3000.8 M USD0.7 M USD38100 | 400
Phase 23,6100.9 M USD0.2 M USD50120 | 500
Phase 327,40038 M USD5.5 M USD120800 | 400
The numbers stated correspond to the last year in each phase.

Strengthening Social Infrastructure

 Number of schools builtNumber of health clinics builtNumber of kilometers of road repairedNumber of people with access to clean water
Phase 191527,000
Phase 2526728,000
Phase 35020200110,000
These outcomes are indicative; actual investment in social infrastructure will be determined by a community consultation process.



The Vision for Virunga in 2025

  • The source of 60,000 new and sustainable employments
  • 4 million people with an improved quality of life through significantly increased access to drinking water, education, and health services
  • 4 million people with improved job prospects, thus reducing the ability of armed groups to lure new recruits
  • The park’s ecosystems and wildlife populations protected and flourishing
  • Virunga becomes one of the world’s greates travel destinations
  • The park is a major driver of peace and prosperity in the region


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