Grand Opening of the Ranger Widows Sewing Workshop

After several years of planning and building, Virunga’s Sewing Workshop for the Widows of the Fallen Rangers has opened.

The workshop was created to help widows regain a sense of control over their lives after suffering the devastating loss of their ranger husbands. These women have faced challenges that most people can’t even imagine, yet as you can see from the images that follow, they are doing so with grace and determination.

The much anticipated grand opening of the Widows Workshop was organized with the help of the Mikeno Lodge team in Rumangabo and special guests. Deputy Director and Southern Sector Warden, Innocent Mburanumwe opened the ceremony along with Eva Danulat from GEO Rainforest Conservation.

Innocent opened by thanking the widows for their role in protecting Viirunga National Park. Innocent also asked everyone in attendance to observe a minute of silence to honor all of the park’s Fallen Rangers. Although this moment brought tears to the eyes of the widows and others, sadness gave way to a deep sense of pride and appreciation.

The ultimate goal of the Widows Sewing Workshop is to help support these women to get beyond bare subsistence. Equally important is to foster a sense of community and strengthen their optimism for what the future holds.