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About the Project

TPark Warden and Rangers stand around murdered gorilla in the rain mourning the atrocityhe cold-blooded murder of five members of the Rugendo family on July 24, 2007 was arguably Virunga’s darkest hour. This terrible event underscores the need to constantly protect Virunga’s gorillas and other wildlife.

Fortunately, the park has undergone significant institutional and security reforms since this tragic event. Virunga’s mountain gorilla population is on the rise. Beyond these critical reforms, Virunga’s success in recent years is due to its dedicated ranger force. Park rangers risk their lives on a daily basis to protect the endangered wildlife and habitats within the park, as well as the people living around the park boundary. This extraordinary work would not be possible without the help of individuals and organizations from around the world that have stepped up to support conservation efforts in Virunga.

Rangers need boots, rations, and gear. The steadfast support from our international community continues to ensure that Virunga rangers have the equipment they need in order to patrol the park. This unique dedication of our donors shows that whether on the frontlines of conservation or half a world away, it is possible to make a meaningful contribution. With your continued support we can save one of the Earth’s most precious places and the endangered species that live there.

Other ways your donation may be used:

  • Electric fences for preventing human/wildlife conflict
  • Removal of deadly wildlife snares
  • Special anti-poaching deployments
  • Support for community groups that help monitor and report threats to the gorilla population

Your donations make a difference. Give what you can.

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