Virunga's Splendor

As well as being one of the most biodiverse regions in Africa, Virunga National Park is known for its unrivalled range of habitats, including steppes, savannas, marshlands, low altitude and afro-montane forest belts, and afro-alpine zones. Each supports its own unique variety of flora and fauna, adding to the glory and wonder of the continent’s largest protected area.

  • Tropical Rainforests

    The Congo Basin, the home of Virunga National Park, has the largest area of tropical rainforest in all of Africa, allowing it to support the continent’s largest abundance of biodiversity.

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  • CLIMA Virunga

    In collaboration with local communities, Virunga is at the heart of CLIMA Virunga, a vast multi-site reforestation project that aims at replanting native tree species and regenerating overall biodiversity.

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