• 3,000 square miles actively conserved

  • Improving water accessibility for 300,000 people

  • 44 endangered species actively conserved

  • Supplying electricity to 70% of Goma

  • 11,275 jobs created in the green economy

Social Justice

Green Economy

Over 5 million people reside within a day’s walk of the Park, many living in extreme poverty and having endured more than 30 years of conflict. The fertile lands in and around Virunga are prime for agricultural exploitation. By preserving them for conservation and the essential ecosystem services they provide, we are asking many of the world’s poorest to make some of the greatest sacrifices. To tackle this social justice issue, with the support of the EU, Virunga National Park founded the Virunga Alliance — an initiative to foster a locally-led green economy through ecotourism, sustainable agriculture and energy, which could be worth more than $1 Billion annually.

Protecting the Park and its People


Protecting wildlife and communities, Virunga’s ‘guardians of biodiversity’ risk their lives daily in the world’s most dangerous park for Rangers. Dozens of rebel groups operate in and around the park, sustained by illegal resource trafficking and poaching — a war economy that is worth an estimated 170 million dollars a year. In the past 20 years, over 200 rangers have made the ultimate sacrifice for conservation and security. Conflict in the turbulent region continues to be a concern, heavily impacting Virunga’s conservation efforts and growing green economy.  Learn more about our incredible Rangers and how you can support their interminable efforts to protect the park.