Give in Celebration

Whatever the event; birthday, wedding, or welcome home party, giving in celebration is a joyful way to mark the occasion. As well as tagging one of life’s precious moments, donations help to support Virunga National Park and the vital work we do.

How Your Gift Can Help

Your gift will ensure that park rangers and their families are cared for, the vast array of fauna and flora in Virunga National Park continues to flourish and around half the world’s remaining mountain gorillas are not only protected, but have the chance to thrive.



Birthday Fundraiser


Happy Birthday! We are overjoyed to be included in your plans. Thanks for thinking of Virunga National Park and what it gives to the world each and every day. We hope it makes your birthday even more special, knowing you are helping to protect it.

Wedding Fundraiser

The marriage of two people is a truly momentous occasion, bound with meaning and commitment. Why not ask your guests to share in that commitment by dedicating a gift to Virunga National Park, thereby ensuring that Gorilla families and their habitat abide, just like your love for one another.