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About the Project

Become a Virunga Guardian and personally protect a 30-acre area of Virunga’s Mikeno Mountain Gorilla Sector.

By donating $25 monthly, you will be funding the efforts of Virunga’s rangers to ward off poachers and keep a plot free of snares.

Currently, forty-four areas are being protected by Virunga Guardians. This equates to 1332 acres of well-guarded mountain gorilla habitat. Bushbuck, forest buffalo, and other wildlife equally benefit from this protection.

Please note: The interactive map from the former site is in the process of redevelopment. The still image to the right represents the current Virunga Guardians; however, it cannot be used to adopt an area. (If you are a current Virunga Guardian, your contribution will continue to be collected monthly and there has been no interruption of service.)

While the new map is in development, we welcome your contributions to the general donation fund here. If you are interested in protecting a specific area of the park, please contact us at

Adopt an Area Map Virunga Guardians