Gorilla & Wildlife Protection

Guarding one of the world’s few remaining mountain gorillas is a great way to support our field team in their efforts to protect and care for these wonderful animals and their forest habitat, now and in the future. We have seven habituated families, plus 4 solitary silverbacks totaling 95 habituated gorillas. For $10 per month, you can support the work of rangers in protecting the mountain gorillas.

Elephant Crisis

Poachers have slaughtered Virunga’s elephants over the years, reducing numbers from 3000 to approximately 400. The Mabenga herd has been hit particularly hard by poaching in the last year with less than 100 remaining and in grave danger of being wiped out entirely. Survival will only be possible with 24/7 ranger protection and stopping the poaching network. We desperately need your help to protect these vulnerable creatures! Consider supporting a full-time ranger unit assigned to guard our elephant families and stop the poaching.


Bloodhound dogs are famous for their sense of smell and ability to follow a scent trail. Able to identify a single scent in five million, bloodhounds are uniquely suited to track humans in difficult terrain. Virunga National Park, like several other parks containing critically endangered species, is preparing to harness the unique skills of the bloodhound to track, apprehend and arrest poachers. The program needs vital operational funds in order to succeed. Consider joining the Congohound team.

Fallen Rangers Fund

In the last 20 years, over 150 rangers have been killed protecting Virunga National Park. Eleven died in just the first seven months of 2011. The Fallen Rangers project was launched to provide regular monthly support for widows and children of Virunga rangers killed in the line of duty. Until the creation of Fallen Rangers Fund, widows received little or no financial support and their families invariably became severely impoverished and destitute. Regular monthly support is needed for this project to succeed.

Gorilla Orphans at the Senkwekwe Orphan Mountain Gorilla Center

Senkwekwe Center is the only facility for critically endangered orphan mountain gorillas in the world, located at the park headquarters. Each gorilla suffered a traumatic poaching experience, injury from a snare, and/or loss of the mother in a brutal killing. Now loving caretakers look after the gorillas in a large forested enclosure with a night house and veterinarian facilities. Construction of the center was made possible by individual donations through this website, plus matching grants. Now we need help to fund the on-going care of the gorillas. Please join the team to care for these gorillas!

Adopt an Area

Become a Virunga Guardian and personally protect a 30-acre area of Virunga National Park. By donating $25 monthly you will be financing Congo’s Rangers to keep this Gorilla Sector plot free from snares and protect the mountain gorillas.

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