World Water Day


Access to clean water and sanitation is something many of us take for granted. To mark World Water Day, Virunga asked residents of Goma how fresh water supplied by Virunga Energies has affected their lives.⁠


“We used to rely on street vendors selling water cans on their bicycles. Today, since Virunga Energies connected the pumping station, we no longer have this problem, and we have constant access to water. Water is life — with water and electricity, life changes.”

John Kizila


“Since Virunga Energies connected the pumping station, the water is permanent. The availability of water is essential in life. When water is permanent, household chores can be done quickly and safely.”

Sifa Mirimo


“Since the installation of the Virunga Energies water pumps, there has been a 100% improvement. Water is essential for the life of a household. Before, we had to fetch water from the lake or buy it from street vendors, but now everything is fine.”

Hangi Mirimo

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