Support Virunga’s Marathon challenge for 2018!

You may remember this time last year, when Emmanuel de Merode announced his plans to run the Virgin Money London Marathon. After weeks of tireless training, and unbelievable generosity from the park’s supporters, we raised an amazing amount to support Virunga National Park.

This year we are back again, and one of the park’s extraordinary female rangers, Angèle, will be taking on the challenge.

“My name is Angèle and I am 25. I have been a park ranger since 2014, and now work as an assistant instructor in Ishango helping new recruits through their training. I became a ranger because I love Virunga, and wanted to inspire other women to try and become rangers. That is why I am running the London Marathon this year, to represent Virunga and it’s unique beauty, and support my brave colleagues”.

“I wanted to challenge myself – running a marathon in London is something I never thought I would do. I have been practicing running in my boots, so it will be nice to have some trainers for the first time! I hope I can make my colleagues proud and represent Virunga, and help to raise awareness of the work being done to protect the national park.”

Funds raised from this year’s marathon will go towards the park’s key programmes, such as the ranger training, wildlife protection, and working for a safe and sustainable future for Virunga.


Virunga National Park is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but has suffered through years of conflict. Rangers like Angèle face daily threats in their efforts to protect the park, and 160 rangers have lost their lives.

The incredible work of the staff at Virunga is possible only with your support. We hope you will help us again this year, to support Angèle and get closer to a secure park for future generations.

If you are a US taxpayer, you can make a donation directly through Virunga Fund Inc.’s website.

For all other countries, please donate via Virgin Money Giving fundraising page. If you are a UK taxpayer, you can also maximize your donation using Gift Aid (25p will be given to every £1 you give).



  1. Laura March 20, 2018 Reply

    Hi, I couldn’t get the link to Virgin Money Giving to work. Is anyone else having this problem too?

    • Diana March 24, 2018 Reply

      Hi Laura, I am trying to make a donation too but the link doesn’t work. Can someone help please?

    • Adrian April 12, 2018 Reply

      yes, the same here

      • Author
        Emma Norton April 13, 2018 Reply

        Hi Adrian, do drop me an email at and I’ll aim to assist

    • Author
      Emma Norton April 13, 2018 Reply

      Hi Laura, here is the link again – I think that there might be an issue on certain browsers, please send an email to if problems persist.

  2. Paul March 29, 2018 Reply

    Hi I also just tried but after filling out my credit card details it failed.

    • Author
      Emma Norton April 13, 2018 Reply

      Hi Paul, was this on Virgin Money Giving’s site, or on

  3. Lorie April 1, 2018 Reply

    It’s just looping me back to this page. Something is missing here, like the page to donate!

  4. Patricia Shackelford April 2, 2018 Reply


  5. Patricia Shackelford April 2, 2018 Reply


  6. Aster April 11, 2018 Reply

    I too am having an issue. Is it just with the mobile version?

    • Author
      Emma Norton April 13, 2018 Reply

      Hi Aster, the link should be working on the mobile site, please do send an email to if problems persist, and we’ll try and troubleshoot for you.

  7. Kanyamanza Eliya April 17, 2018 Reply

    Am searching a job

  8. CB April 22, 2018 Reply

    Have you thought of adding a donation button on Facebook, so people can add to their profiles? This is the description: ‘Add a Donate Button
    You can add a donate button to your post to raise money for a nonprofit on Facebook.” It’s easy to access and people can also request donations to a non profit instead of a gift for their birthday for example. Good luck and prayers and sent your way.

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