New gorilla births in the Bageni family

We’re pleased to announce that Virunga’s Rangers have observed two new births in the Bageni family.

Females Tumaini and Ziada have given birth to a female and male baby with silverback Bageni.

Over the past few days, Virunga’s Rangers and local trackers have been working hard in incredibly challenging circumstances to locate all habituated mountain gorilla families. Thanks to their commitment, six of the ten families have been identified and gorilla monitoring has partially resumed.

After locating the Bageni family, the two females Ziada and Tumaini were identified and the sexes of the babies were observed. 23-year-old Tumaini has given birth to her fifth child, a female, her second child with silverback Bageni. Female Ziada, estimated to be around 12-years-old, has given birth to her second child, a male.