Rangers are now uniting throughout Africa to raise money to support fellow rangers and protect African wildlife.

Our rangers are preparing for a half marathon on the 3rd of October. The money raised through the Virunga team will go towards keeping the gorilla sector free from snares

For every dollar you donate, Virunga will receive an additional $0.50.

At the beginning of September, we found another baby gorilla caught in a steel cable snare. Thankfully, we were able to get the vets to his side quickly enough to save him, but it is only a matter of time before we loose a gorilla and so it is critical that we keep the desnaring going.

We desperately need your help to keep removing snares from the gorilla sector.  We have managed to get support from the EU and the Scheinberg Relief Fund who will match every dollar that you give us by 25%.

As always we are enormously grateful for any support you can give us.

Baby gorilla caught in snare

Donate by Bank Transfer

To donate via bank transfer please contact info@virunga.org.


US residents can make donations via Virunga Friends Fund at CAF America.

(Donations made via this link are eligible for tax exemption from the US government to the extent provided by applicable law.)