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Adopt A Gorilla Gift Set

As part of our Christmas gift set, your giftee will receive a digital welcome booklet containing all they need to know about the Senkwekwe Centre, its infamous residents, and Virunga’s mountain gorilla conservation efforts. As part of their gift, they’ll receive a downloadable adoption certificate, a Senkwekwe poster, and desktop and mobile wallpaper. They can also subscribe to receive exclusive news on the mountain gorilla sanctuary.

So far, this year

  • 233 gorillas are habituated

  • 1,820 snares have been cleared

  • 3,030 hours of care given by Senkwekwe caretakers

  • Rangers have patrolled 94,000 km by foot

  • 1,818 km covered by trackers to collect plants for Senkwewke

Photo credit: Virunga National Park

"Every day I take away the joy of being able to play with the gorillas as if they were my friends. I will always remember the first time I saw the animal in 2003 when I started tracking the Humba family. I am rather concerned about them today, since they live in the heart of the conflict zone.⁠"⁠

Malin Malin is one of five caretakers at the Senkwekwe Centre.