Ranger Dudunyabo Machongani Célestin Killed in the Line of Duty

Virunga National Park is sad to announce that another brave ranger has been killed. Ranger Dudunyabo Machongani Célestin, age 30, died after he and his fellow rangers were ambushed by Mai-Mai militia. The attack occurred in the Mt. Tshiaberimu area of the park, west of Lake Edward. Célestin was captured during the ambush and later killed by the assailants. He leaves behind his wife, Feza Kashusha Ushindi, and two children, Henri (4) and Karem Miriam (1).

Célestin was originally from Bunia and joined the ranger force in 2011. He did his comprehensive ranger training at Lulimbi Station in the Virunga’s Central Sector. His first assignment was mountain gorilla protection in the southern sector. He also worked from Kibati Station and helped protect the Nyiragongo volcano area. In his most recent role, Célestin was charged with protecting the flora and fauna surrounding Mt. Tshiaberimu, where Virunga’s only population of eastern lowland gorillas live.

Virunga National Park will provide for Ranger Célestin’s wife and children through the Fallen Rangers Fund. If you would like to help support them and other families of Virunga’s Fallen Rangers, please make a donation below.