Sitting Out a Rain Storm with the Kabirizi Group

SB Masibo_Kabirizi gp_Martin_WM

Silverback Masibo patiently waiting out the downpour.

When storms roll into the Mikeno gorilla sector they often arrive as a thick wall of black, ominous clouds. At first, those clouds seem far off and one only tends to mark them because of the distant booms of thunder. Thoughts of seeing a mountain gorilla family — or the exhilaration of having just spent an hour with one — tend to fill the mind. That is, until that blast of wind from the leading edge of the storm appears out of nowhere and hits one head-on. Hoods fly off backwards, rain gear flaps violently, and rain drops feel as though they’re piercing the skin. Add lighting strikes on the zero count and you’ve got the kind of experience few “out-of-towners” will forget. For mountain gorillas, however, it’s just another rain shower in the park. Dr. Martin Kabuyaya, and rangers recently sat out such a storm with the Kabirizi family. As you can see from Martin’s images below, one would hardly know it was raining given how comfortable they all seem.

Kabirizi juveniles_Martin_WM

I wish we had that deck of waterproof cards…


Youngsters still snuggling with mom even after the rain lets up

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  1. Brenda Robinson April 5, 2015 Reply

    What a beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing. So special. Must be protected.

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