Kadogo the Bald Mountain Gorilla

The Rangers have just come back from checking on the Munyaga group and report that Kodogo (who was injured during a fight yesterday ) is doing fine. The group moved several kilometers over the last 24 hours and Kadogo has been able to keep up despite the injuries on his feet.

We are all very pleased because Kadogo is a special silverback and is Innocent ‘s favourite gorilla. He is the only mountain gorilla in the world who is bald on the top of his head.

This is him as he is now:

Mountain Gorilla Silverback

And here he is as a blackback pictured in 2007:

Kadogo actually means “small” in Swahili. He was named this because he was very small when he was born. As you can see from this picture dated 2000, he was already bald back then!


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